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40 Thai foods we can’t live without – from cnngo

Some iconic, some obscure, these are the dishes that make Bangkok one of the world’s finest eating cities Given that one of the first things Thais ask each other when they meet up is “Have you eaten yet?” it’s clear this is a nation that’s extremely passionate about its eats. You want to know how good a Thai restaurant is? Don’t look at the menu, the décor or even the prices. Look at the number of people inside. That’s your quality indicator. In celebration of…

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What to Eat at Pok Pok Ny

It’s been touch and go, but the latest word is that Andy Ricker’s full sit-down northern Thai restaurant, Pok Pok Ny, will open Wednesday. We’ve gotten a look at the menu, and this place seems poised to rock the city’s Thai-food scene, with specialties not found elsewhere in the five boroughs. There’s a pork-bone soup with smoked frog legs; the herbal salad yam samun phrai, teeming with unusual things like sawtooth, parsnip, and white turmeric — not to mention cashews and dried shrimp; plus a…

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