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persimmon fruits (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) 0

Persimmon (Luke Pawp)

Persimmon (Luke Pawp) resembles a tomato in shape and tastes like a medium-sweet papaya (not quite ripe). Persimmons are usually eaten when firm and are crunchy in texture.

Sweet Tamarind (Makaam Waan) 0

Sweet Tamarind (Makaam Waan)

Sweet Tamarind (Makaam Waan)Sweet Tamarind (Makaam Waan) has a taste similar to prunes or dates and is eaten as a snack. Tamarind is used as a flavoring in sour soups such as Tom Yum. refer

Jackfruit (Kanoon) 0

Jackfruit (Kanoon)

Jackfruit (Kanoon) looks like a durian, but the fruit has banana and pineapple flavors. The yellow fruit sections encase the seeds (which can be boiled and eaten as a snack). refer

Durian (Tu-rian) 0

Durian (Tu-rian)

Durian (Tu-rian) is sometimes called the king of fruits. Unique in appearance, the smell of durian has been described as stinky and the fruit has a texture like pudding, with a rich flavor like no...

Mangoes (Ma-Muang) 0

Mangoes (Ma-Muang)

Mangoes (Ma-Muang) are one of the favorite fruits in Thailand! The variety shown above, ataulfo (also called champagne), is available in the spring (imported from Mexico). Refer

Glauy (Banana)' 0

Glauy (Banana)

Banana or ‘glauy’ is one of the most useful plants of the tropical Thailand. It is available all year round. We enjoy the fruits fresh or prepared as dessert and use the banana flower...

Mang Cud (Mangosteen) 0

Mang Cud (Mangosteen)

Mangosteen is named as “the queen of fruit” Its shape is round with petals attached on the top of the fruit, which looks like a crown of the queen.  The color of mangosteen’s shell is dark red...

Dragon fruit 0

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (also called Pitaya) is fruit of a cactus plant. The flesh looks like that of a kiwi and is typically scooped-out with a spoon. refer

Jujube (Phut Saa) 0

Jujube (Phut Saa)

Jujube (Phut Saa) is also known as Chinese Date. They’re picked unripe and eaten with dipping sauce.   refer

Guava (Fa-rang) 0

Guava (Fa-rang)

Guava (Fa-rang) resembles an apple and has tiny seeds inside. The taste is more like a crunchy pear than an apple. Guava fruit is used to make juice. Refer